After 68 years Thoma Tire Co. of Nassau will be closing        for good September 28th, 2013.

    The tire company was started by Michael Thoma Sr. as a part time business in 1945.  I took over the reins 42 years ago in
March of 1971.  My son Michael came on board after college over 23 years ago and worked side by side with me in growing the
business and carrying on it's traditions.

    We three Mikes have always tried to make our motto, "Where Satisfied Customers Return" a reality.  Between the service and the
ever present free cookies, the business has prospered and sales have continued to increase each and every year.

    I am retiring to do some of the things I didn't make time for earlier.  I'll be 68 soon and can use the old joke about "retire-ing."

    My wife of 47 years Brenda has always been behind me 100%.  She started out doing payroll our first ten years and has continued
to do the office and paperwork.  She, my son, and my daughter Kari have always been my safety net.  Both Kari and my son grew up
in the business and I have always had "jobs" for them both.

    Thoma Tire has not been a job but a way of life for us.  Our generations of customers who have been so loyal and good to our family
will be sorely missed.  So many of you never bought a tire elsewhere.  You have trusted us, believed in us, and helped us succeed with
a small family business.

    I would also like to thank all the local businesses that have been our friends.  We realize we have to stand together to prosper.

    I have been fortunate to have had many fine employees who were dedicated and loyal.  Without them we couldn't have done it.  I have
several now that will be looking for new jobs.  Please call me if you have an opening or an opportunity.

    Obviously, we are trying to sell off our remaining inventory.  We won't be ordering any more tires for "stock" but will be able to get tires,
usually the next day, for your needs.

    Our hours will remain the same through September 28th:  MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:45am - 5:30pm  SATURDAY 7:45am - 12:30pm. 766-TIRE

    Again, I thank all of my customers and friends.  We wish you well.

-Mike Thoma and family.